GLT is a rideshare application for mobile devices. Users can either sign up on
our website: www.gltapp.com and download the app or download the GLT US Rider app from the
App Store or Google Play.
The GLT app links the rider to the Driver who uses his private
Vehicle as rideshare.
Input your destination on the app when requesting for a ride and select from
our four vehicle options (Prime, Premium, Luxury and SUV, and access).
You will receive a notification upon the arrival of the driver.
You will also receive information about your ride,Car info, plate number or tag, and Driver’s info)
for safety and easy connection with the driver.
Once you arrive at your desired destination, the trip will be
considered completed and your payment method linked with your
GLT account will be charged. The fare is always automatically
calculated by the app.

The easiest way to book a GLT ride is from your app.
Simply open the app and complete the following steps after
successful registration.
-Enter pick up location
-Enter destination
-Select one of the vehicle option. (Choose from GLT Prime,Premium,Luxury,SUV, or access car)
GLT accommodate riders with accessibility when access car option is selected.
When access car option is selected, vehicle that meets the demand will be dispatched.
If wheelchair vehicle is not available, rider will be informed by text or email where
such services are available.
-Click on the request button (Ride Now or Ride Later).

You can simply download GLT US RiderApp on your mobile phone
from the website by simply clicking on Android and Apple logo
OR visit the app store of your mobile device. If you are using an
iPhone, proceed to the Apple App store. For android users, visit
Google play store.
Search for GLT US RiderApp and then proceed to install the app on
your mobile device and sign-up.

GLT pays every week either via direct deposit or manual check mailed to your provided address.
For direct deposit option, you must have a checking account.

The pay period begins on Thursday at 12am and ends on Wednesday at 11:59pm.
You can view your trips by log-in to your Partner Dashboard.
Your direct deposit will be in your account every Fridays or Mondays depending on the bank.
Direct deposit or Manual checks deposited on every Fridays.
GLT does not control how long it takes for mail to be deliver.