GreenLight Transportation (GLT) is the ultimate Ridesharing service launched in Houston in 2017. GLT is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as a Transportation Network Company (TNC).

GLT has quickly proven itself to be the easiest, quickest way to get around the town.

Thanks to the rapid developing technology of our time, that is changing the norm of standing on the curb whistling and waving just to get a taxi. GLT transportation has come to ease transportation with gentle TAP, your next ride is one TAP away!

At GLT, rides are profitable to the drivers and cheaper for the riders.

“Happy drivers, happy riders”

  • Drivers earn 85% of their rides, and other Benefits.
  • Riders enjoy, discounted fare, loyalty rewards, and fixed fares after time of consistence ride with GLT.

Both the rider and driver are completely insured for the duration of the trip”

Portion of each fare is donated to help the less privilege

CONTACT US  1-866-4 GLTAPP (445-8277)